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What should I bring to class?
Bring a pen, highlighter, notebook, tuition, and lunch money. Print the directions to the location you plan to attend. In addition, if you pay via Pay Pal please print the response e-mail from the office and bring it to class as proof of payment.

When Do I receive a certificate of completion?
You will receive a certificate of completion when you have met the requirements of class. If you attend a 4 day course your certificate will be handed to you after the 4th day of class. Certificates are official DMV documents issued to us by the Departments. Certificates cannot be downloaded, faxed, or copied. There is only one original and it is issued to you. EZ Driving School's partner, teen permit presented by California Learning Academy issues it's own completion certificate and has their own polices and procedures- please allow The CLA 7-10 days for processing and delivery by U.S Postal Service.

How old do you have to be to take driver's education?
You can take driver's ed at any age. However, you must be at least 15 1/2 to obtain your permit the day you get your permit.

Do I have to complete all days of driver's ed in a row?
No, but it does complicate matters. It will be your responsibility to see that you complete the program not ours. You have a full semester to finish all of the days of driver's ed. You do have to finish. As of January 1, 2004 you will be required to finish driver education and be enrolled in driver training prior to receiving your permit.

Can I drive home from the DMV with my new permit?
No. You must "validate" the permit with at least 1 hour of behind the wheel instruction with a professional school. This information is printed on your permit. One note however, most schools conduct lessons in two hour increments.

Are the driving lessons private?
Yes, they are all private lessons. At the end of your lesson some instructors will have you drive to the next students home or drive the prior student home. Either way this is valuable experience for you.

How are the lessons scheduled?
They are scheduled in 3 - 2 hour increments. Have your permit and tuition ready for each lesson. We suggest that you take the first lesson right after you get your permit. Take the next lesson when you are ready. Don't forget to practice what you have learned in between lessons! Take the last lesson two weeks or so prior to your road test. The reason for the two week lead time is for several reasons. Say for example you get sick, the instructor gets sick, or the car breaks down, or as a driver you think you are better than you are, this will give us and you enough time to accomplish the target date of the DMV appointment. Do not schedule your road test with DMV until you have scheduled with us. During the summer the office is crazy and it is not unusual to be booked 5 weeks in advance. We want this last step to be a smooth transition. Do not add to this already stressful situation by not allotting enough time to grant your request.

What if it rains or the lesson is at night?
We get this question all the time. Well, chances are you will be driving in these conditions at some point in your driving life right? Unless you only plan to drive only during daylight hours, in the sunshine, with no other traffic you will have a very, very long wait. Short of leaving the car parked in the driveway all Bay Area driving is considered an adverse driving condition . We don't live in Montana where the buffalo roam, we live right here smack in the middle of one of the most complex driving environments that exists. You are required to have 10 hours of night driving. Adverse (in the rain, heavy traffic, or night) will better prepare you for your driving life. Ask yourself this would you rather do go with us in a controlled environment (training brake and instructor) or learn with your parent? If you choose your parent, pick the least neurotic one with the cheapest car! In any event you decide for yourself.

What happens if I misplace, lose, wash a certificate?
These pesky certificates will probably cause you a lot of grief as they do us. If you can not find the certificate that you must have known had some sort of significance, you lost it, you left it, you washed it, you made notes on it, you threw it away, your parents threw it away, your llama ate it, aliens took it, it vaporized, or whatever, you will be charged a $50 reissue fee for each certificate you need. We DO NOT keep copies. There are no copies. We only keep the number issued and this is written in 5 different places. Save yourself future humiliation by telling your parents that you didn't get one. Remember you signed for both driver's education certificates in class? And you received your last certificate on the last driver training lesson. One final thing DMV will not accept a fax certificate. If one must be reissued, it will be mailed to you or you can pick it up at the main office. Please give us the courtesy of calling first so that we can access the file and have it prepared for you. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know which certificate you need.

When can I take driver training?
As soon as you get your permit, call the office and we will set those appointments for you. Have your permit and expiration date ready.

What are the office hours?
The office call center hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 to 6:00 pm. We are also available for a limited time on Saturday (when class starts). Voice mail is available 24 hours a day.

What happens if I make an appointment and then forget about it / I can't go / I'm in trouble / I can't find my permit?
This is one of the most aggravating events EZ Driving School deals with. It is not very often that it happens but it does. So here is our policy. If we show up to pick you up and for whatever reason you are not able to go and you gave no warning to the office, you will be charged a $50 "no show" fee. Once a lesson has been scheduled it is set to go. Most of the time the lesson will be confirmed by the instructor. There are times when an instructor is not able to confirm the appointment. This does not reduce your responsibility to be where you said you would be. It was you that scheduled the lesson on that day, at that time, with that instructor, and in that car. This is common courtesy to let us know if you do not plan on taking the lesson well in advance of the lesson. Ultimately, this fee will become due immediately and no other lessons will be scheduled until this matter is clear. If there are subsequent lessons scheduled they will be canceled . If the fee is not paid within a reasonable time it will go into collection. The funds are used to pay the instructor for their time.

Can I request a specific instructor?
Yes, you can. We believe this enhances your learning when you are with an instructor you like. This is not always possible but every effort will be made to make it happen . Please make sure that you request the instructor PRIOR to scheduling your appointment. Otherwise you will be scheduled with the next available appointment.

What happens if I have a personality conflict with the instructor?
No problem. This sometime happens. All you have to do is call the office and request a different instructor. No big deal. The instructor does not have to know that you have requested this change.

Can I schedule my lesson with my instructor directly?
Ok, how complicated would this make things if everyone scheduled themselves? All lessons are scheduled through the main office. This is the ONLY way we can keep things straight.

Do I need to have insurance for my lesson?
No, you don't need insurance for us. We have a policy that covers any collision in our cars we are involved in. However, the deductible is not covered. Remember that your parents sign for your permit. What this means is that they are responsible for any damage you do. The California Driver Handbook that you received in class discusses this topic. The handbook outlines a monetary responsibility of $35,000. The reality is this could be substantially higher depending upon the situation.

Can I drive home from the DMV with my new permit?
No. You must "validate" the permit with at least 1 hour of behind the wheel instruction with a professional school. This information is printed on your permit. One note however, most schools conduct lessons in two hour increments.

Can I carry passengers after I get my license?
Mostly no. There are exceptions though. Don't bank on them, there is no exception for going to the movies or the mall. Check out this Vehicle Code section and read this for yourself . In part, the exception is available when no other reasonable mode of transportation is available. Such exceptions include a school function, medical necessity, or work.

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