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EZ Driver's Training

The 2nd Step to Obtaining a CA License

Behind the Wheel 

What We Teach!

Driver training is the second part of the required course for licensing. After receiving your permit, it will not be valid until you go out on your first behind the wheel lesson.​


  • Minimum of 3 behind the wheel lessons

  • You are required to have your permit for a minimum of 6 months. 

  • Validate your permit and Review what you learned in class

  • An additional 50 hours (10 hours have to be at night) with your parent/guardian, or anyone over the age of 25 with a valid Ca driver’s license.   

  • We conduct our lessons in brand new Toyota Corollas that are (un)marked for privacy.

  •  Pick Up/Drop Off available at home, school, work in the Solano, Napa or Sonoma Counties.

  • Fully insured & Bonded

We offer lessons 7 days a week with appointments in the

afternoons/after school on the weekdays and ranging all day on the weekends.

EZ driving school instructs our students on everything they need to know to pass their DMV road test but we don't stop there! EZ driving school prides ourselves in going over and beyond teaching freeway driving, how to merge and let cars merge on the freeway, one way st, up/downhill parking, parallel parking. U-turns, 3pt turn- just about EVERYTHING there's is that has to do with driving. Validate your permit today

How  do I know I'm ready for my license

Parent-teen handbook pg.25

Personal Evaluation Sheet

Confidence- practice makes perfect


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