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Our dedication to you

EZ Driving School is based on the belief that our student driver needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting high standards of teaching excellent driving skills and knowledge to each and every driver that chooses EZ Driving School for their driver education and training needs. Not only do we teach safe driving skill, but also defensive driving skills- that will last a lifetime.


Our Story

Beginning Of EZ Driving School


























  However, Christina was not wearing her seatbelt. No seatbelt law existed in California at that time in 1989. Christina was thrown through the windshield of the vehicle when the vehicle struck a boulder that laid on the top of the land embankment between the two sides of the freeway.  The vehicle speed was the posted speed limit of 55 mph (which was the maximum speed limit for the state of California in 1989). The driver did not slow down for the current conditions of the roadway (Ca Basic Speed Law).  The driver did not scan ahead of the road to see the sharp curve just up ahead (Scanning is 10-15 seconds ahead in time; Looking 1 city block or 1/4 mile on the freeway ahead). A mistake that cost the driver, Dung Nguyen, his life.  Christina spent her wedding reception and wedding night in the hospital. Chrisitna suffered numerous injuries. Her face ripped off her right side requiring over 400 stitches, her eye thrown back in its' socket 3 degrees (she should be blind in this eye), glass embedded in her chest 5 inches deep, a fracture going through the right side of her skull, all the hair ripped off the back of her head, a cut to the top of her skull needing stitches (no hair), all the muscle and tendons ripped off her left leg, loosing a great amount of blood, and worse of all, the right side of her face was paralyzed. Her doctor, Dr. Ralph Lassa MD / plastic surgeon said its a miricale Christina's face somehow reversed, muscles growing back together, her face is no longer paralyzed. A miricale he exclaimed.


      The memory of her wedding day is now only one permeate scar, for she is reminded daily of this accident by the scar left on her entire right side of her face-  the result from being thrown through the windshield of the car at 55 mph. She can not believe that she survived and has found peace teaching our teens the safety's of driving.  She teaches with passion and deep explanation to each teen. She knows she has given each teen that she teaches the gift of knowledge to never make the same mistake that the driver who was transporting her and her new husband John Tran.  For John and Christina never arrived for their wedding reception. The driver, Dung Nguyen, was also thrown through the windshield just like Christina; however, he died at the scene. The driver, Dung Nguyen, was Christina's brother-in-law to be. Christina married John Tran who was already a  Professional Driving Instructor for years prior to their marriage. John worked for a driving school in San Jose, Ca (and shortly after their accident he worked for Miller Driving School of Santa Rosa,Ca). The car accident left John fine with no serious injuries- due to wearing his seatbelt. **Christina had her seatbelt on- just like John had taught her to do so many years before, however, she took the seatbelt off just 20 minutes before the car accident took place. *A decision that has forever changed her life. A decision of regret.  


     Again, Christina had over 400 stitches to her right side of her face, a fracture going through her skull, her eye thrown back in its socket over 3 degrees (she should be blind in her right eye), all her hair torn off the back of her head-needing more stitches, glass embedded in her chest 5 inches deep that had to be surgically removed, all the muscle and tendons torn from her left leg/knee, severe blood loss that made her an anemic, and the right side of her face was paralyzed. Amazingly, and to her doctors astonishment, her face reversed from being paralyzed-a miricale according to her doctor/plastic surgeon, Dr. R.Lassa of Santa Rosa (now retired). The scarring is to deep to repair or have plastic surgery. You can still see the scar to this day. Christina teaches so that no teen who crosses her path will be unaware of the consequences that can take place by making the wrong decisions while driving a car.


A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.  Thank you all so very much!

Christina McAlexander  (owner and operater) was born and raised in Santa Rosa, Ca. She attended Piner High School and Santa Rosa High School. In June, 1988, Christina graduated with her class at Piner High School.

     The history of EZ Driving School began over 20 years ago. The creation of EZ Driving School is based upon a tragedy of Chrisitna McAlexander - Tran. 


     In 1989, at the age of 19, Christina McAlexander was on her way to her wedding reception in San Jose, Ca. She had just exchanged vows at a Church in Santa Rosa, Ca.  After leaving the wedding ceremony, she and her husband John Tran got into the Audi driven by her brother-in-law to be Dung Nguyen, and the best man, David.  On their way to the wedding reception they went through San Francisco, just entering the freeway 280 of San Mateo, an area known as "Bunker Hill".


     Suddenly, the driver of their vehicle made a sudden and quick lane change to the far left lane on the freeway.  The roadways were very wet from the continual November (1989) down pour of the rain that persisted all day long. As the driver made the lane change, Christina recalls the vision that changed her life forever. The driver hit a pocket of water that began the car to first, fish-tail and then hydroplane out of control. The car hit the land embankment, Bunker's Hill.  The car proceeded up the hill hitting a rock on the top of the hill.  Upon impact, the car flipped several times, forcefully coming to land upside down in the field of "Bunker Hill". Just before the car accident on the freeway, Christina remembers the dreadful vision seered into her memory from looking out the front windshield of the car. She recalls the sharp curve that laid before them in the road with all the rain. Quickly putting 2 + 2 together, she shouted "Oh my God!"


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